Lexington, KY

Shoe: 7.5/8
Dress: 2-4

How you started modeling?
I got started modeling through a friend who said that I should pursue it, my first job was at a Young Buck promotional concert in KY.

What is 'ONE' embrassing moment?
One embarassing moment I had was when I was around 14 I was grounded and wasn't allowed to get in the pool(that was my punishment). So I decided to just put on my bathingsuit and lay out on our deck why my two sisters went swimming. When I wasnt looking they threw me in and took my bathing suit off and threw it on the top level of our balcony, so I had to get out naked and go get it. The whole time our lawnmower man was mowing our backyard and saw the whole thing...I havent seen him since.

What are your goals?
My main goal is to just be successful in anything that I pursue and to be able to provide for my loved ones and those that need it.

What type of work are you looking to pursue?
I'm looking to pursue more commerical type work and hopefully get into television. I want to make a name for myself while keeping my clothes on.

What work have you done?
I have been apart of several photoshoots. I am featured on more than 15 websites. I am also featured in Urban Living Magazine aug '05 and Landlost Magazine issue (3). I am a hot page and exclusive model for up and coming Breeze Magazine. I was featured as model of the week twice on Urban-Uag Online and was recently casted in Madea's Family Reunion.

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