Washington, DC

Shoe: 8.5
Dress: 5-6

How you started modeling?
I was introduced to a Model/Actress/Media Reporter Tamiko T at H20 in DC. There was a casting for an indie artist (Young Juan's) video and she chose me to be a model in the video. From that point on it's all history.

What is 'ONE' embrassing moment?
I went to the beach with my family and my bikini top went floating in the ocean leaving me topless.

What are your goals?
To be a role model to upcoming models and start a modeling service that would provide a network of people to help develop new models portfolios.

What type of work are you looking to pursue?
Print, commercial , Urban culture/fashion, Promotional modeling, and TV(acting).

What work have you done?
Urban Independant Music Awards Fashion Show 2004, Lil Mo "Dem Boyz" video, Sophisticate's Black Hair (coming in November), and UnderArmor Commercial, and Oprah Live Well Tour.

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