Kansas City, MO

Shoe: 8
Dress: 6

How you started modeling?
I starting modeling and acting at the age of 15 when enrolling in John Casablanca Modeling and Acting school.

What is 'ONE' embrassing moment?
One recent embarrassing moment was when I was speaking during a meeting at work. Being busy running from one place to another I completely forgot to turn my phone down. I started speaking and 5 minutes into my presentation my boyfriend shouts prefusively from my pocket on the walkie talkie figure, "You miss, Daddy?" I was embarrased and it didn't help that the CEO of the company was sitting in front of me. LOL

What are your goals?
Graduate with a Masters in Business Management and utilize my degree toward owning my own business. Don't let me forget............becoming a well know model in the entertainment world.

What type of work are you looking to pursue?
I am pretty much open to anything beside nude. I would love to be in videos, magazines, commercials, etc. The sky is the limit.

What work have you done?
Super Cut hair show

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