Oceanside, CA

Shoe: 9
Dress: 5

How you started modeling?
Honestly,its just something I've always wanted to do,so one day I just got off my butt and started asking around about modeling and what not. Soon my friends started to send me websites and I took it from there.

What is 'ONE' embrassing moment?
Man oh man,I was wearing my NEW pin stripe pants I bought from a sexy shop and they were pretty tight. Well I wore them to work one day and when I bent down to pick up a box they split right down the crack of my butt!! Everyone saw-customers and managers! Memories!

What are your goals?
To be standing right next to Tyra Banks and Adriana Lima!! The hottest models on the planet and everyone knows who they are.

What type of work are you looking to pursue?
Editoral, Ads, Print work. Hell I'm trying to be on a Billboard in the middle of NY!!

What work have you done?
A Shoot for Rix Magazine, Spokesmodel for Tender Touch Massage, Sex Shop-Whisper N Giggles, Sexy Bangin. I was on Soul Train 2005. I was at Bikini Expo. I did a Bridal Fashion Show. I am featured on: KorEntertainment, PureHotmodels, Omnigyrls, Robot TV girl, Black cuties.

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