Snellville, GA

Shoe: 8
Dress: 0-2

How you started modeling?
Persuing a dream I always had as a kid. I got a good photographer to start me out at no charge, and we got some great pictures.

What is 'ONE' embrassing moment?
Not really had any... Always have make up problems because my eyes are sensitive. Once, we were trying to put on a false lash, and it looked like I had a lazy eye because it would not go on right.

What are your goals?
To have a successful job, be a loving mother, and look great doing it all.

What type of work are you looking to pursue?
Anything that involves a great photographer, and a good idea.

What work have you done?
Been in Speed Magazine, and Peach Magazine, as well as some UGA Calendars. Shooting for Monster Tower Wakeboards this fall.

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