New York, NY

Shoe: 9
Dress Size: 3-4
Pants Length: 32-34

How you got started modeling?
I got started modeling when I realized how much I love taking pictures, so I researched about modeling went to modeling school and after that I realized the only way to learn about modeling is to go through the learning experience of the good and bad.

What is 'ONE' embrassing moment?
One of the most embarrassing moments I had was when I was shooting with this photographer and his genitals became erect, and I felt it's a shame how uncomfortable I am, and suddenly feel like I was on the set of a porno shoot. How do I keep posing with this person acting like its not happening. That was very embarrassing because I am outspoken with people so I knew I would have to ask him to take a break. I know that modeling is crazy because photographers see tons of beautiful women in all different outfits, sometimes nothing, but that is deep, I am happy that I am a woman, lol. I am happy that has not happen again.

What are your goals?
My goals are to own my own business motivating young women between the ages of 15-25 to build self confidence, self love, and be able to stand up to self ignorance. I also would like to go further in commercial print modeling. My goals is to always keep goals so that I am always seeking more for myself and challenging what I am capable of doing.

What type of work are you looking to pursue?
I am looking to carry and pursue my career in the direction of commercial modeling, ad campaigns, parts modeling, catalog work, editorial, fashion, the sky is the limit.

What work have you done?
Print Work - Magazines / Calendars / Advertisements
Karenís Body Beautiful Fall Ad Campaign - 2005
Stiletto Book Cover. (Cover of an urban book. Author Lenaise Meyeil) - 2005
PR- Franchize ( Spokes. Model- 2005
RIX Magazine (Import motorcycle Magazine) - July 2004
F.E.D.S Magazine VOL.3 ISSUE 11- 2003
CYCLE DREAMS (Motorcycle Magazine)-SUMMER 2002-

Television / Radio - Appearances
Sirius Satellite Radio Interview (HotJamz) September 17th, 2004
Direct Effect Dancer - 2002

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